Bart Hrk Mpq568c Colour MIC Preamp Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Ltl Chroma

Bart Hrk Mpq568c Colour MIC Preamp Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Ltl Chroma
Bart Hrk Mpq568c Colour MIC Preamp Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Ltl Chroma

Bart Hrk Mpq568c Colour MIC Preamp Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Ltl Chroma

Quantity: 1 - Preamp Only - no additional colour module. High-Fidelity Recordings with VERUM70 Circuitry.

Class A Discrete Input Stage for Natural and Smooth Sound. Easy to Use Musical 2 Bands Shelf EQ. Better Tone Control with Independent Circuitry for Each EQ Band. Dedicated Active Line Input for DAW Tracking and Mastering. Twice More Tone-Shaping Options with 2 Colour Slots. Fully Compatible with DIYRE Colour Module Format. The MPQ568C is a Studio Grade, Ultra-Low noise, Colour Microphone Preamplifier with Two Bands Shelf EQ and Dedicated Active Line Input for Tracking and Mastering purposes. The MPQ568C uses VERUM70 Class A Discrete Input Preamplifier circuitry, which delivers noiseless High-Fidelity recordings and no-compromise THD performance. The Two Bands, easy-to-use, musical shelf EQ is a powerful tool and will enhance any type of music material. Each band has two frequency settings, selected to provide the flexibility of use. The Active Line Input stage handles easily the high-level input signals and it is designed specifically for Tracking and Mastering. The MPQ568C has two Colour Modules slots, which provides twice more tone shaping posibiliyies, compared to other colour format preamps. The logarithmic Gain control allows to accurately set the recording level or to drive the Colour Modules.

The MPQ568C is a perfect solution for recording and post-processing. Add Vintage Analogue Tone to any Track or Mix.

The MPQ568C Active Line Input is designed for processing the line signals with Colour Modules and the onboard two bands EQ. You can easily add the magic vintage vibe to any DAW track or the mix and achieve stunning results with your digital recordings. The MPQ568C Active Line Input is not a simple resistor attenuator mic input PAD, which can be found in many low-quality preamps. The Active Line Input is a high-quality, dedicated balanced circuit, actively attenuating the signal, without the degradation of the noise performance. The Line input is suitable for a wide range of signal sources. It provides -18dB of attenuation before the colour modules. As a result, the colour modules saturation can be controlled accurately, delivering a sonic palette of effects. Tip: Why you should not use the resistor mic input PAD. The most common way of adding the Line Input functionality is the mic input resistor PAD. The mic input PAD is nothing more than resistors added on the input of the microphone preamplifier. The signal is attenuated and again amplified by the microphone preamplifier. As a result, the signal-to-noise ratio is worsening. Also, the impedance matching between the source and the mic preamp is disrupted causing unwanted frequency response issues.

The EQ of the MPQ568C is made of 2 independent filter circuits for the Top and a Low shelf section. Each band has a switch which allows selecting between two frequencies. The middle position of the switch will disable the EQ functionality for an individual band, but it will not bypass the other EQ band. Such solution gives more flexibility! For example, only the Top band can be disengaged while Lows can be still boosted or cut.

The MPQ568C has two slots for Colour Modules. A perfect solution for recording vocals and instruments. Two slots can hold different Colour Modules which could be used to record different source without a need of replacing the colour for each take. Both Colour Modules have separate Bypass switches providing hassle-free operation. MPQ568 can also be very useful for mastering and post-processing. Ability to have 2 Colour Modules gives more flexibility, and the two bands EQ will add the necessary final touch to the track or mix. MPQ568C vs Chroma from Louder Than Liftoff.

Yes (Gain: -18 to +36 dB). Yes (Gain: 0 to +26/56dB). Yes Full EQ 2 Bands / 2 freq. Yes Limited control LF:+3dB and HF:+4dB switchable boost.

Gain Range: +12dB to +65dB. The total gain from input to output. Gain Range: -18dB to +36dB. The gain available on the input of the colour modules section. Boost/ Cut: +/-15dB 6kHz / 10kHz.

Gain 12dB: -91dBu noise floor. Gain -18dB: -95dBu noise floor. Gain 30dB: -86dBu noise floor.

Gain +39dB: -89dBu noise floor. Boost/ Cut: +/-15dB 80Hz / 160Hz. NOTE: The MPQ568C MK2 EQ circuitry is based on the integrated circuit opamps.

The discrete germanium circuitry was removed in MK2 revision. POWER CONSUMPTION Lest than 40mA no Colour Module.

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Bart Hrk Mpq568c Colour MIC Preamp Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Ltl Chroma