Black Lion Audio Auteur Rack MINT DEMO Box and all

Black Lion Audio Auteur Rack MINT DEMO Box and all

Black Lion Audio Auteur Rack MINT DEMO Box and all
Black Lion Audio Auteur Rack. MINT W/ All the stuff! Now in rack, with power indicator and switch on front of unit. There are lots of mic preamps available these days.

What makes ours so special? For one, its a design thats somewhat unique in its approach. Being admirers of the fully balanced transformer-less circuits found in highly acclaimed recording consoles, we chose to use a similar topology.

Circuit headroom is plentiful, and the input stage is very difficult to clip. Because of its fully balanced design, it can handle input signals as large as +15dB with ease. We also like classic transformer-based designs because of the characteristic they lend to the audio signal. Because of this, we added a 600 ohm M-6 silicon steel output transformer to give the audio a thick quality that's reminiscent of a prized vintage preamp. Its the best of both worlds in our opinion.

The preamp is dual channel and features phase, +48vdc phantom power, and 10dB output signal pad. Like all of the other models in our Micro Series, the elements of chassis and presentation are extremely simple, with a minimum of the fluff and promotion that tends to drive up the cost of equipment in our industry. If youre looking for eye candy and name recognition to dominate your equipment list, this probably isnt the preamp for you.

On the other hand, if youre looking for the sort of performance normally associated with high-end designs but need to acquire it at a modest price, our mic preamp will make a wise and affordable investment for your home or project studio. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE AUTEUR MICPRE.

Q - How do the pre's on the auteur compare with the pre's on the modified Digi units? A - The Auteur will sound thicker and chunkier than the pre's that are on the modified unit. This is because the Auteur uses an output transformer that adds great harmonic content to the output. The pre's on the modification still sound fantastic, but you'll likely prefer the Auteur's thicker sound. Q - Does the Auteur Power supply work in Europe?

A - The Auteur power supply accepts 120VAC in, so wouldn't directly work with 220-240VAC. If you have ZERO FEEDBACK, any deserved NEGATIVE. AGAIN - If you do not follow the instructions detailed herein WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL.

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Black Lion Audio Auteur Rack MINT DEMO Box and all