NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones
NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones
NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones
NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

NEW BURL B2 Bomber DAC Digital to Analog Converter. Pro Audio Toys is an Authorized BURL Dealer.

The Burl B2 Bomber DAC is the most significant piece of audio gear in your studio, and you dont even own it yet. Youve spent a fortune on great mics, great mic pres, and a kick ass DAW, but unfortunately you are missing one key component; an DAC with an audio path worthy of your recordings. Open up your best mic pre and look inside.

You will see high quality components like tubes, large transformers and high quality capacitors. Most DAW hardware interfaces are designed for interconnectivity with little attention to the analog audio path, or even the conversion, let alone the tone. The B2 Bomber is designed for great specifications, but more importantly, it is designed to give you the ultimate in recording tone. For years now people have been trying to figure out why their digital recordings dont have the warmth and feel of analog tape recordings. We try using tube mic pres and great compressors, but there is still something missing.

There is still that blurriness, that graininess and lack of depth that comes with digital recordings. BURL Audio has solved this problem by designing an analog audio path that is complimentary to your mic pre and to the analog to digital process. By using a revolutionary hybrid circuit with a proprietary transformer, the BURL AUDIO BX1, and a discrete class-A, zero feedback, zero capacitor signal path, we have achieved dynamic and tonal balance.

Using a B2 Bomber in the studio is like taking the governor off of your recordings. And, the B2 is not just for tracking. Mix down and mastering were the main focus of the B2's layout and design. With 30 segment peak amplitude and RMS metering, the B2 lets you know exactly how hot you are running your signal which is critical for mastering.

The attenuator settings on the front easily allow you to change input headroom giving you the ability to hit the front end hotter or colder depending on what the material calls for. And dont be afraid to run the B2 Bomber hot, it only sounds better. Couple that with an extremely low jitter clock source, and you have the B2 Bomber DAC, the most significant piece of gear in your studio. 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 2 channel ADC. Proprietary, high definition, BURL Audio BX1 transformer input. All class A, discrete transistors signal path with zero feedback, zero caps. Audiophile quality 6 position attenuator with standard headroom settings. High definition metering with simultaneous RMS and peak indication. Two AES and one SPDIF output with dual AES wire support. BNC word clock input with two outputs of extremely low jitter clock.

Frequencty resonse at 48kHz sample rate is 12Hz to 22kHz, +/- 0.1dB. Frequencty resonse at 96kHz sample rate is 15Hz to 46kHz, +/- 0.1dB.

Frequencty resonse at 192kHz sample rate is 18Hz to 94kHz, +/- 0.1dB. 120dB Dynamic Range (A- weighted), 117dB (no weighting). 100dB THD+N (+4dBU = -15dBFs). 94 dB THD+N (+18dBU = -1dBFs).

Rugged, Made in USA design. PLUS NEW BLUE MO-FI HEADPHONES! Hi-fi headphones with built-in amplifier. Mo-Fi stands for true mobile high fidelity. Mo-Fi's amp removes the burden of power from your mobile devices, so they can pass audio at their optimum output levels-this means that you are always tapping into the highest possible audio quality.

With Mo-Fi, you get studio quality audio on any device, so you can track, mix and really enjoy your music anywhere. WHY BE PASSIVE WHEN YOU CAN BE POWERED? Remember when studio monitors went from passive to active? Now it's happened to headphones. Mo-Fi brings the performance of custom-tuned, high-end reference monitors to your ears, so you can judge what's really going on in your mix. When you're making music, the built-in amplifier provides ample headroom, while the excellent sound isolation lets you hear the music clearly. It all integrates together to deliver astounding accuracy and detailed imaging, so you'll be able to create mixes on any device that translate across all systems. FIT AND COMFORT-REINVENTED Mo-Fi is no ordinary headphone. From the multi-jointed design to earcups shaped like ears, Blue has completely reimagined the form and functionality. The result feels less like a headphone, and more like a high-quality instrument you can wear. The unique multi-jointed headband was inspired by the finely tuned suspension of an open-wheeled Formula One racecar. And it features an adjustable tension knob that allows you to dial-in the perfect setting-not too tight, not too loose, but just right. Pivoting arms allow for a small change in the angle of the earcups to achieve a large amount of height adjustment.

The earcups simply float into place. You get a level of fit and comfort that just isn't possible on other headphones. Plus it creates a perfect seal, resulting in solid bass response, improved isolation and reduction in bleed-perfect for tracking in the studio. ALL-ANALOG AMP MODES Unlike those bass-in-your-face headphones, Mo-Fi includes three amp modes so you can choose the right sound for your music. No DSP tricks here-this is all analog.

"On" activates the audiophile amp, "On+" engages the amp's low-frequency enhancement circuit for exceptionally rich and smooth bass, and "Off" puts the headphones in passive mode if you're connected to high-output studio gear. No matter if you're tracking, mixing or just enjoying your music, you'll have total control over your listening experience.

INTELLIGENT POWER MANAGEMENT Mo-Fi's smart design saves big on battery life, ensuring that the headphones are always ready for action. First off, Mo-Fi knows when you've stopped listening and automatically powers down to save juice. The battery will charge completely in 3-4 hours, and give you approximately 12 hours of life-changing playtime (with intelligent power management, that 12 hours will feel like forever). And even if the battery runs down, Mo-Fi can continue to work in passive mode. GO FROM LO-FI TO MO-FI More and more hi-resolution music is hitting the market. These incredible recordings allow you to enjoy all the details of the original tracks.

But why listen to hi-res music with low-res headphones? Only Mo-Fi can faithfully reproduce these amazing recordings.

So go Mo-Fi-and hear what you've been missing. 50mm titanium-reinforced ultra-responsive dynamic drivers. Sealed over-ear design for superior isolation and feedback prevention. User-adjustable tension and suspension adapt to any head shape and size for a perfect fit. Racecar-inspired multi-jointed headband design keeps earcups parallel at all times for superior comfort and sound. All-analog amplifier performance modes: active, enhanced bass and passive.

Powers on and off automatically when headphones are opened and closed. Rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of playtime; Mo-Fi continues to play music even when battery has no charge. SNR, self noise: <105 dB.

Type and size: 50mm, titanium-reinforced dynamic driver. Enclosure details: Sealed enclosure with tuned damping materials. Weight: 466 g (16.44 oz). Outer dimensions (closed): 21mm x14mm x12mm (8.27" x 5.51" x 4.72).

Outer dimensions (open): 18mm x 29mm x 12mm (7.09" x 11.42" x 4.72). The item "NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones" is in sale since Sunday, March 08, 2015. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Pro Audio Equipment\Preamps & Channel Strips".

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NEW BURL B2 BOMBER DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Blue Mo-Fi Headphones