Cloud Microphones CL-Z Cloudlifter 1-Channel Variable Impedance Boost

Cloud Microphones CL-Z Cloudlifter 1-Channel Variable Impedance Boost

Cloud Microphones CL-Z Cloudlifter 1-Channel Variable Impedance Boost

Cloud Microphones CL-Z Cloudlifter 1-Channel Variable Impedance Boost. At Music Store Live we're all musicians like you, and we know how hard it can be to afford all the gear that you want and need. We encourage you to make us an offer. Often times, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

We'll do everything we can to help get that next piece of gear into your hands. Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator.

The Cloud® Microphones Cloudlifter® CL-Z Mic Activator®. Uses phantom power from your preamp to solve an array of common issues with dynamic and ribbon microphones while maximizing your audio quality, making it a must-have box for your studio or live toolset. It's designed to be a middleman between your mic and preamp, maximizing the signal quality by providing an additional +25dB of ultra-clean gain. This can dramatically improve the sound quality when using preamps that are noisy in their upper gain range, and with long cable runs. The CL-Z provides a spectrum of new possibilities with its comprehensive feature set. Continuously variable input impedance from 150 ohms to 15k ohms allows for ultimate control over your microphones character, while the variable low-cut filter allows for custom tonal shaping and control over the microphone's natural proximity effect. This is especially useful for voice and other sources where lower frequencies need a gentle or drastic reduction. The CL-Z, like all Cloudlifters, requires phantom power to operate, yet does not pass phantom to the input. For this reason, Cloudlifters are an ideal solution for ribbon, dynamic, and tube microphones alike! Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Variable Impedance Mic Activator. Upgrade the Potential of Your Microphone and Preamp.

Cloudlifter® Mic Activators® use phantom power from your preamp to solve an array of common issues with microphones. Cloudlifters provide up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain, maximizing the microphones' signal strength and clarity, which lowers the noise floor and amount of gain required with any preamp. By allowing preamps to operate in a more comfortable gain range, the frequency response remains more intact and the self-noise of the preamp is reduced. Character Control using Variable Input Impedance Loading.

The CL-Z provides up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain, variable input impedance and a variable high-pass filter. Having an input impedance control that is sweepable from 150 ohms to 15k ohms allows you to creatively load the microphones' output transformer, with the result being a wide range of new tonal variations becoming available to each mic. Variable High-Pass Filtering = Proximity Effect Control. The variable high-pass filtering works in conjunction with the impedance value, allowing for even more tonal shaping and control.

When engaged, the frequency cutoff is affected by the impedance setting. This allows for a sweep-able frequency cutoff range from below 20hz to approximately 200hz, just by turning the "Z" knob. This can be especially useful for tonal shaping or reducing the proximity effect of a ribbon or dynamic microphone. The CL-Z has a two-position gain switch allowing for more gain, or the maximum gain available. Most of the time the MAX approx.

+25db position will be used, however, the reduced gain setting approx. +12dB may be useful in situations where the source does not require as much gain, or where more of the preamps' color from additional gain is desired. High-Pass Filter frequency is variable from below 20hz to over 200hz. Dual gain settings allow for a +12dB or +25dB increase. Increases gain before feedback ratio in live & public address performances. Easy to use self contained design requires only phantom power. Compatible with tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones. Protects any passive ribbon with no transfer of phantom. Utilizes Patent Pending Class A , Discrete JFET circuitry.

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Cloud Microphones CL-Z Cloudlifter 1-Channel Variable Impedance Boost