RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box

RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box
RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box

RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box

AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE WORKHORSE UNIT FOR ANY-SIZED STUDIO! Weve had several of these over the last 20 years and its EASILY the most versatile piece of equipment well ever use! Whether youre a veteran or a total noob, its a super fun watch! And for the record, I wanna be friends with Bill Putnam, the CEO of Universal Audio and son if its legendary founder. This is just an extra Solo 610 weve kept around for when we bring in a large group of musicians at the same time, but we moved into a smaller space and just dont ever use it at all.

Its way too good of a tool to sit on the shelf and look good, so it just needs a new home where itll get to come out and play more often. All-tube Preamp/DI with Classic UA Sound. The SOLO/610 mic preamp/DI box from Universal Audio brings the best of their preamp designs to a single-channel format. The SOLO series features the solid build and audiophile components that define UA quality. Its portable form factor is convenient for use in the studio and control room, onstage, and on your desktop. The all-tube SOLO/610 imparts its alluring, characteristic warmth to all your digital recordings. Vocals take on new life; direct bass sounds huge and round; drums sound fat and punchy. Take it from Sweetwater: if you want to make great-sounding music, you need the right front end: the Universal Audio SOLO/610. The SOLO/610 gives you extended-range, continuous Gain and Level controls for precise gain staging that yields a versatile sonic palette ranging from warm cleans to tasty vintage coloration. The SOLO/610 delivers all the essentials.

A classic Putnam 610 console mic pre with switchable 48V phantom power. Flexible dual impedance selection for Mic and DI inputs. For maximum flexibility, the SOLO/610 also includes a convenient DI throughput plus a Ground Lift and a Line/Mic level output switch. Universal Audio SOLO/610 Mic Preamp/DI Features.

Record through a legendary tube circuit. Classic Putnam 610 console mic preamplifier and DI with throughput.

Add tube euphonics and girth to any mic or direct input. Gain, Level, and impedance selection for maximum tonal versatility. Portable design for studio, desktop or stage. Legendary UA build quality and heritage. Handcrafted in UA's Scotts Valley, California labs.

Analog Inputs: 1 x XLR (Mic), 1 x 1/4 (Hi-Z). Analog Outputs: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4 (DI Thru). Paul Allen - Works at Sweetwater.

I've owned a SOLO/610 for years now and there's nothing else at this price point that offers the amount of vintage sound and detail that the 610 pre does. I use it first as my go-to tube pre on vocals, however many people (myself included) also use the DI for bass, keyboards, and guitar. I've even used the 610 as a DI live several times because nothing else seemed to get me the warm sound I wanted for bass. Had I known what this could do for my recordings sooner, this would've been the first piece of equipment I would have bought. I've used as a mic pre before, and knew what that was all about.

That DI feature on the SOLO is nothing short of amazing. I've been pushing it with pedals, getting gnarly distortion, and doing things you're not supposed to do. It all comes out sounding beautiful.. The Universal Audio SOLO/610 is terrificI use it for everything.

Coming from a world of analog and tape, I have been hard pressed to find something that makes a difference with digital recording at home (on a budget). Considering the price, it is worth every penny. I can't recommend it enough. Elegant/Fantastic Vocal Pre and Lifesaver.

Music Background: Professional Musician - Berklee certified in Pro Tools. We were recording a modern country singer and while she was doing scratch tracks we multi tasked and found the best vocal chain for her. U87 - 6176 with the 1176 engaged - Lynx Aurora. The next day we were scheduled to do the vocal tracking session but when I turned on the 6176 it was having a rare tube issue and I did not have time to get a tube and replace it because they were from out of town and on a schedule. I reached for the Solo 610 which I had only used on instrumentation having heard that the 610 in the 6176 was "better".

I fired the Solo 610 up and patched it in to the 1176 On the 6176. After a few mic checks it was evident the Solo 610 has all the magic of the one in the 6176. We completed the entire CD with the Solo 610 and everyone loved it. Only my intern and I knew about the switch out.

I just recorded a tenor sax with the Solo 610 and a Sounddelux U97. It sounded round and full/fat but with remarkable detail getting the key clacks and breath along with the high notes and growls putting it all together in a great Sax experience. I could have used my millennia pres but this gave it a great amount of character that made the Sax stand out for this particular song. Anyway it is a great pre to have and I will never again be without at lease two in the studio....... Big bass nate, New Orleans. Best thing that ever happened to my home studio. I use this as a DI to record synths and drum machines, and as a preamp for my microphones. My mixes have completely changed!

Everything sounds crystal clear now and mixes easily. Want another one now to record stereo parts. I'm now a believer!

After Nate Edwards my sales engineer finally made me understand why my interface was important(So I upgraded to a Duet) he also explained signal chains to me and why great recordings sound so great I decided to go with the Solo 610 and see if it was all true. I can say I'm a changed man! My vocals and acoustic guitars have never sounded so good. The 610 combined with my Neumann TLM102 and my Shure SM-7B provides extremely warm, round and detailed recordings.

If you're on the fence, all I can say is just do it. You'll be very happy! A Creative Palette For Your Sound. The UA SOLO 610 is a real treasure. With the gain cranked up it adds a thick tubey character to vocals, with the level cranked up you get a fairly clean sound with just a hint of tube warmth and color.

By balancing different proportions of gain and level, the SOLO 610 becomes a real palette for coloring your signal. Driving the tube adds a fuzzy distortion that offers a range of forgiveness before it actually sounds like it's clipping.

In the right context this distortion can be used as an effect that is far more usable than a clipped signal from a solid state preamp. Many people describe the SOLO 610 as having a "wooly" sound. This sound however is derived primarily from the stock JJ tubes that come with the unit.

I swapped out the JJ's for a pair of Genalex Gold Lions (following the advice of Matt who also posted a review of this unit) and found that the Gold Lions clean up the wooly sound and give the SOLO 610 a clarity and brightness comparable to the Focusrite ISA ONE (solid state preamp). Rolling tubes in the SOLO 610 can definitely change the sound significantly, which adds yet another level of complexity and versatility to this unit. The UA SOLO 610 is a great sounding preamp. A must have for anyone who wants to get creative with their sound.

Music Background: Hip Hop & Spoken Word. I record hip hop & spoken word vocals. If you're doing a 10 track album, prices can add up. I ran this mic through the 610 preamp and tweaked some settings.

Totally satisfied with this preamp. To bad they cost as much as they do... When using multiple mics for recording a single instrument, often the nicest sound is the cheaper mic through the 610.

This alone made my cheap, inexpensive microphone sound way better than before! This is a great preamp - for low impedance mics. But driving low-output mics which typically have 3-12 times more "ohm-age" than most condensers - i.

Dynamics and ribbons, you won't get a fabulous sound. Hence why my ribbons usually sound boomy and flat on the Solo/610. Granted, impedance matching is mostly a theoretical concept, real-world sound varies from preamp to preamp - but not on this pre! Being thus armed, you should be able to get a great sound out of this box if you know it's limits!

Music Background: OCD with Shalaft's Syndrome. The aural merits of this preamp should go without saying by now.

It was as quiet as it had been before, it drove my R121 just fine with no problem. Then the hum started again. I had also moved to a new place, and tried to make sure that I wasn't having a ground loop issue.

There was none that I could detect, and every test pointed to the hum coming from the input transformer, as it had before. I sent it in again, and they let me know after thorough testing that it met factory spec.

So I figured I had a problem in my setup. It came back, I tested it elsewhere that I knew had good power, and the problem persisted. I sent as much testing evidence as I could with the unit, and then a couple of days later, they called me saying it tested to spec, but regardless that they were going to send me a new unit. I was not expecting that. But way to support your product!

In the mouth of my own experience - UA deserves their reputation. New tubes for amazing tone. Music Background: project recording, live performance.

I bought one of these used for five hundred bucks. I already own a Pendulum Audio SPS-1 preamp, which, though amazingly clear, can sometimes sound a little too clinical and almost brittle for lead vocals and instruments. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the tone of the Solo 610 at first -- it was noisy, distorted easily, and broke up when pushing the input stage too hard -- but the unit was already five years old, so I thought it might be time to change the tubes. I was expecting a subtle improvement at best. Silky smooth with tight bass and punchy mids. The background hiss completely disappeared. Now, I'm in love with this preamp.

Whereas my SPS-1 can be a little sibilant and lacking "meat" for lead parts, the Solo 610 makes vocals "pop" in a way that no transformer-based preamp could do. Bear in mind the SPS-1 has two channels but also costs more than twice as much! The controls are easy to figure out -- drive the input stage for desired color and adjust the output stage to suit.

Works great as a direct box too. I would caution users not to overdo it with the Solo 610, however, since driving it too hard can add a complexity to tracks that makes them hard to mix. If you have another more neutral preamp, save the Solo 610 for lead parts. A highly recommended upgrade for any home or semi-pro studio, especially if you swap out the tubes. Universal Audio has created a true classic with the solo/610. This tube pre amp is versatile, portable and smooth, and adds fullness, warmth, and character. It is also portable, so you can take it wherever you need to, whether live or for recording outside the studio. It can be used transparently or cranked up to give your recordings that genuine fat tube sound. It will enhance and make any microphone in your collection sound richer than you thought possible.

And you can run any line level instrument through it as well, bringing the inherent richness of your instrument to life. It is a flexible classic sounding mic pre. Terry Downey, Vancouver, BC Canada.

Music Background: Recording Engineer, Music Producer, Recording Artist. I have owned a 610 solo for a year now and I do like the quality of the mic pre from a sonic to a durability quality. I is a rich tube that can go from warm and rich to fat and fuzzy.

It is great for vocals that need harmonic distortion to add that extra emotion. It is great for bass to really fatten up its low end content. Music Background: working musician, home recording enthusiast, teacher. My signal chain is very simple: RODE NT2A-mogami gold cable-UA solo 610-apogee duet 2-imac-LOGIC PRO STUDIO/PRO TOOLS 9. I play all acoustic music MARTIN OMC 16, koa ukulele and bass guitar in the Hawaiian Genre.

The UA 610 solo completely blew up my mixes. Prior to, I had been tracking with the GRACE 101 and got very clean smooth results almost to a fault.

After researching online, I realized that the 610 could possibly lively up my sound. Using my average NT2A mic for acoustic guitar and overdubbing 4x brought the most lush chorusing effect I could ever dream about. To track BASS guitar brought a meaty and up front sound to the mix (I can actually hear every bass note). Vocals are not as clean as the GRACE 101 but the harmony parts RING and ZING!!!!! You have to really play with your gain structure to dial in a "likeable sound".

The 610 is like having a pallette full of colors, you can shade here, darken there, whatever you want. If you are a home recording studio enthusiast looking to warm up your sound, this is an awesome choice. It freakin' looks like some sort of weapon or something when you take it out of the box.

I can imagine what a great mic will sound like through it. ALOHA, hope this review helps.. Music Background: Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician. This piece of gear has done nothing but exceed my expectations in the vocal booth as a mic pre and giving me and my clients a huge warm silky vintage tube character only UA could truly offer.

A definite must for bass/GTRs and vocals. Of course using it with high quality gear will only enhance the mic pre capabilities and sonic achievement for your sound. An amazing piece of art work. PHAT SOUND is all i can say about this little box. The wow factor is high, i use it so far for lead vox, wow, warm crist vocals, im so glad i got one after readin and searching. Music Background: Rock, Pop, R&B, Rap Engineer. This is such a great sounding pre, that I can't believe I've gotten by without it for all this time! 610 solo has a warm , round, and rich sound with very good details..

With one good mic (mine is NEUMANN tlm 193)and a good converter (mine is APOGEE rosetta 800)you`ll realy enjoy of working with this pre and it`s high quality output.. I love it for elec guitar and bass too! You can change gain and volume knobs to color a signal...

Great for Room Mic Recording. Kris Klein, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Music Background: Guitarist, Recording Engineer. I've tried the 610 on many sound sources including vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, direct guitars, direct bass, and mic'd bass, drums, percussion, Room-mic'd vocals and drums and i havent found anything that i cant make sound great due to the versatility of this tube pre. You can get real clean sound as well as the extra warm sounds you may want.

I have found that i like that it is portable and not rack mounted, the 9lbs of metal on rubber feet have held it still anywhere i put it. UA has been great not only in product but it customer service as well. I would recommend this to anyone who records music! Mike West, El Paso, Texas. Music Background: Recording Engineer, Pro Musician.

I have been recording bands for a long time... I needed a pre amp that was portable and could give the tube warmth and character I was looking for. This pre amp was above and beyond what I expected... I own a ton of vintage tube gear and this totally stood its own ground...

The outcome was top notch and I have used it since on bass which sounded gorgeous... As well as on guitars and actually even a kick drum.. And you cant beat the price!!!



Don Bono, San Diego, CA. Music Background: Artist, Producer, Mix and Mastering Engineer. Lets get this straight this pre-amp is wonderful.

The only thing i don't like is its not rackable. However outside from that This pre-amp does wonders to my vocal sounds.

I run it using a AT4040 and I love the Silkyness of the vocal after it passes through the Amp. Its a great unit built to last and deliever the goods at a Price many of us can afford. Not only that For those who want a clear vocal Fast and easy.

Should be called a So-AWESOME 610. Music Background: Pro Musician, Engineer. I love all-things-tube, and this preamp is no exception. I've used it to track vocals and electric guitars with various microphones (SM57, TLM 103, Blue Baby Bottle, Studio Projects C1) in Pro Tools LE and HD environments. I've also used the DI for bass guitar... The resulting tone for all of the above applications has been incredible tone, period. Setting the gain low, and the level high, the amp is nice and clean, but full. With the gain up and level down, fat, warm, rich, full, round, etc. GREAT for all things rock. The impedance selector is a nice touch, and the phantom power is handy, of course. This preamp has become one of my favorite pieces in the studio. It's lunch box-portability is also a major plus, in that I can take it from studio to studio, and always get my tone, no matter what instrument I'm recording. I'll be sure to get another in the near future for use as a stereo pair.

Warm, fat, clean, THE PERFECT TUBE SOUND!!!!! Music Background: Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Producer, Artist.

I was a digital music producer searching for something to warm my mixes and U87 up, and the solo 610 did just that, on vocals its a hit, and i was even more blown away by what it did to my motif, I heard the violins, and bass guitar like I never have before, its truly amazing and definately opens up many options that i never had before, If you like that warm round tuby sound add this to your studio, r and b producers i think would particularly love this pre. Solo 610 is awesome bang for the buck. I wanted more of a vintage rock sound ala KISS vocals. Saw the Solo 610 and thought it was a good price for a class A tube pre amp.

Well, Now I love my set up. Neumann sounds like it should more like A U47. A classic warm rock vocal. Sits nice in the mix now too. Hopefully, you are aware that a mic pre-amp can really make a significant difference in the sound quality of your recordings.

The UA610 Solo is a major difference maker for any studio. If you're looking for a big, warm and full bodied signal.. This is the Mic pre for you. It's simplicity in design speaks volumes. Now I can go any direction I want.

I would have given it 5 stars but I'm holding back 1/2 star solely because I feel the housing is just a little too large to be called desktop. It's like carrying a Craftsmen Tool Box. Just the umph my kicks needed!

This pre lives on my audio out #1(Kick drum) of my MPC. This pre really makes anything sound big and full.

I can't wait to try it on vocals! This makes a huge difference on all of my high end guitar and bass amps--with just a shure sm57!

I thought i would never get a good live electric guitar sound without spending major dollars. Even the bass amp sounded great using the 57! You can imagine what this will do for more expensive mics. This is a very nice pre, and has a great characteristic to it. I run my AKG C414 mic into this and get great results with that combo for vocals!

The 414 mic has a nice presence and the Solo 610 fattens it up more and provides some warmth and body. I also like the fact that this ISN'T rackable! I can move this around easily into my vocal booth and have it on a table next to me for easy access to it's controls while recording vocals. Much easier than running in and out of the vocal booth to tweak controls on your rack gear, or than carrying your entire rack set up into the vocal booth with you! Great flexibility with the seperate input and output gain stages. Can tame the harshest vocal/microphone. I track vox through this with a Mojave 201 and it sounds killer. The only thing I wish they would add would be either compression or basic eq like the 2-610. If you can find a deal on these they are absolutely worth it. The item "RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box" is in sale since Monday, July 19, 2021.

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RARELY USED UA/Universal Audio SOLO 610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre / DI Box